LA-10+ double 10inch Professional Line array system bring the benefits of true line array performance to a wide range of applications in both portable or fixed-venue installations. It is design for high quality sound reinforcement in big and medium venues with a wide range of applications. The simple flying system is easy to use, light weight enclosure, intergral rigging mechanisms and proprietary components are LA-10+ strong points. The LA-10+ have double 10” LF unit, two 2” HF compress drivers. It will be use with LA-25B+ base speaker and double 18inch subwoofer.


Big, Medium-small gym, Plaza, Showplace, Live sound open air venues, Arena, Concert halls, Commercial Environment.


Frequency Response        60-20KHz

Directivity Angle               H110°XV10°

Impedance                      16 ohms/16 ohms/16 ohms(HF/MF/LF)

Long-term Power(RMS)      160W/200W/600W(HF/MF/LF)

Power Peak Handling         320W/400W/1200W(HF/MF/LF)

Sensitivity         120dB/118dB/113dB(HF/MF/LF)

Maximum SPL     138dB/130dB/128dB(HF/MF/LF)

Connection         2×NL7speakon

DimensionsH×W×D      300X700X526mm

LOW           10 IN×2(260mm)

Mid              1x8 IN(210mm)

High             2 IN×2(44mm)

N.W.              kg 




Frequency Response     50Hz-2KHz

Directivity Angle           -----

Impedance             4 ohms

Long-term Power(RMS)     1200W

Power Peak Handling          2400

Sensitivity         123dB

Maximum SPL        138dB

Connection           2×NL7 speakon

DimensionsH×W×D         650X700X796mm

LOW        15 IN×2(380mm)

High         -------

N.W.         kg 


Frequency Response       28Hz-250Hz

Directivity Angle           -----

Impedance            4 ohms

Long-term Power(RMS)       3000W

Power Peak Handling        6000W

Sensitivity        105dB

Maximum SPL       132dB

Connection        2×NL7 speakon

DimensionsH×W×D       504×1191×803mm 

LOW          18 IN×2(460mm)

High            ------

N.W.          kg